Daughters of Black Panthers is a youth organizing program established to promote the wellbeing of all women of color.


DBP focuses on ages 12-17. We want to create an extra curricular program to educate and serve our young ladies of color. We abide by the Ten-Point Program given to us by our ancestors .


The main goals of this program is Connection and Social Guidance.

CONNECTION: Connecting with the new generation of young ladies and guiding them in a path of substance. Making connections through mentorship, teaching sisterhood, and community principles.

SOCIAL GUIDANCE: Encouraging health, self-love, civility, community service, and executive professions to honor their ancestors by conducting themselves as responsible, resourceful, and respectful young ladies. 


Determined NAspire zealously endorses Black business, teaches American heritage, and propels voter registration to secure a healthy cultured Posterity.

Detroit, MI

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